ECube AC

Microgrid AC Power Solutions

AC Power Solutions_150kWh
AC Power Solutions_150kWh
  • Rated Energy 150kWh
  • Rated Voltage 492.24-613V
  • Rated Power 80kW
  • Weight 1500kg
  • Dimension(L*H*W) 1115*2070*1276mm
AC Power Solutions_60kWh
AC Power Solutions_60kWh
  • Rated Energy 60kWh
  • Rated Voltage 316.44-525.6V
  • Rated Power 30kW
  • Weight 780kg
  • Dimension(L*H*W) 635*2080*828mm
  • Adopts LiFePO4 batterypack with high safety and long life

  • Maximum 10 units (Recommended 6 units)

  • Intelligent BMS to ensure a safe reliable operation

What is the Main Benefit of Micro-grid ESS?

The commercial energy storage system uses batteries to store energy from the solar power system when the sun is shining and then draw upon that stored energy in the evening or during a less productive period for the system.


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