Smart Pile

HV Integrated Storage&Charging Energy System

HV Integrated Storage&Charging  System_US
HV Integrated Storage&Charging System_US
  • Rated Energy 33.28kWh
  • Rated Voltage 332.8V
  • Rated Power 33.28kW
  • Weight 620kg
  • Dimension(L*H*W) 900*1970*500mm
  • IP65 protection level can adapt to the harsh environment

  • Emergency charging of EV or reverse-phase power supply for household

  • Off-grid operation mode

Why Energy Storage is necessary?

Store your energy from panels, grid or generators, and save it for later use. Renon's Household ESS could largely help in reducing your monthly expenses on energy usage, and the energy stored could be your back-up energy reserve that prevents possible troubles caused by sudden outage.


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